Okay – I’ve had weight loss surgery, but I still love to eat.  I went outside this evening to grill a nice ribeye on the barbie.  Yes, I cut most of the fat off first, and I can barely eat half of the steak.  While I was grilling, I took a look around the back 40, and look what I found.




No, not the former mayor of Washington, DC.  Marionberries are classified as a blackberry.  They are a cross between the Chehalem and Olallieberries, which are descended from crossing Raspberries, Blackberries, and Dewberries, going through Loganberries and Pacific Blackberries on the way.  Anyway, you can look all that stuff up on Wikipedia.  The important thing here is these are delicious!  Once I digest my wonderfully grilled steak (a couple of hours work), I will probably put a little bit of Splenda and some half-n-half on these and have them for my dessert.  Oh YUM!  While I don’t love days when it’s close to 100 degrees, I do love the abundance of summer.

2 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Yummers, I love them right off the bush, purple fingers and all…. I hated picking them as a child however, first strawberries, then marionberries then the evergreens, I guess I should consider myself lucky that we never had to pick beans LOL…. Save me some of these beauties for my Eugene trip next week….. hugs

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