The ruler is awesome!

Well, I have to admit that I knew it would be the minute I saw the demo on Judy’s blog.  I have been making a Rangeley Stars quilt, designed by Deb Tucker, and I’ve been using Deb’s Quilter’s Magic Wand and Tucker Trimmer to trim my HSTs and QSTs.  I like this better.  Don’t get me wrong.  Deb’s tools are great, and they make piecing that very complicated-looking block a breeze, but the one big advantage this ruler has over the combination of her two, is that I won’t lose the wand!!  The gals started laughing at me at our last quilting retreat because I kept losing my Quilter’s Wand.  The June Tailor Ruler has it built right in.  I did use my regular ruler when I couldn’t find the wand, but having the ability to mark both sides of the square so you can quickly sew and cut is a major bonus.  The June Tailor Ruler, like Deb’s has the ‘X’ in the middle which helps you line up your QSTs so accurately that you just can’t mess up (well, most of you can’t — I sometimes can if I’m not paying attention!).  I highly recommend the June Tailor Perfect Half- and Quarter-Square Triangle Ruler.  (I also have to say I recommend Deb Tucker’s patterns and taking a class from her if you get the chance.  She’s an awesome teacher and knows how to save a quilter time on fabulously-pieced blocks).  

Rating:  A+  I don’t think this ruler will gather dust on your selves if you like to piece.  It is a very useful tool for being accurate in your piecing.


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