I turned the corner onto my street this afternoon just in time to see the UPS man jumping into his truck, and I knew that he had just been to my house.  I could feel it.  I couldn’t remember what I ordered, and it turned out I didn’t order anything, but I received a lovely surprise.  Judy Laquidara, who was so very helpful to me when I was starting my longarm career and knew absolutely nothing about longarm quilting, had a little drawing on her blog for a really nifty trimming ruler for half- and quarter-square triangles.  This particular ruler is made my June Tailor and I was one of the lucky winners in the drawing!  Thank you so much to Judy and to June Tailor.



4 thoughts on “Present!

  1. I saw that you won that ruler in Judy’s contest. You are one lucky duck! That ruler looks pretty cool. Make sure to give us a review of how you like it!

    • I am terribly lucky at winning things — very true. (I actually tried to construct some weird grammar there of aren’t I, amn’t I . . . phew, it makes the head spin!) Now if I could only win the lottery! Of course, I would need to buy a ticket. Hey! It’s Wednesday. Maybe I should go get one. Actually, I did buy a ticket on the day Judy informed me that I won the ruler. I doesn’t seem to work for the lottery. DANG!

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