What is that yellow thing in the sky?

Big doin’s in Oregon this weekend.  The SUN is out!  After lots and lots of rain, we’re in for a super sunny weekend with temperatures that may reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday.  This is cause for palpable excitement amongst folks who are said to have webs growing between their toes to help them plod through the rain.  Every office on campus I called today, and every business I needed to contact in town, had such a cheery person on the other end of the phone.  Each call ended with “Have a nice weekend!  It’s supposed to be so nice!”  Ah, the simple pleasures we get when we are used to living with cloud cover.  Now we all need to be careful not to burn to a crisp.  We Oregonians tend to be fair-skinned from lack of sunshine.  No pigment there to protect us from the sun’s rays.  Lather up with that sun block everyone, or there are sure to be blisters by Monday.  😉   I for one tend to stay out of the sun.  Burns us it does, my Prrreccciousssssssss!

Another cause for excitement is that I get to go visit my niece and nephew on Sunday.  Yes, I’ll be going to stay with Max and Sophie and my dear friend Ronda.  Ah, the things we have planned.  It should be a good time if we don’t get thrown in the clink first.  tee hee

Have a great weekend all!  It’s supposed to be so nice!

3 thoughts on “What is that yellow thing in the sky?

  1. Have a wonderful weekend and visit with your niece, nephew and Ronda. This is our third weekend with nice weather—–amazing!! I’m planning on working out in the yard and when it gets too hot for yard work, then I’m coming inside to do some sewing. It is going to be a great weekend!

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