Did you miss me?

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I was so busy being on vacation and having fun, then trying to re-adjust to being at work with a bit of jet-lag, that I just haven’t had time to post.  I figured no one would really mind until someone was so desperate to find out what I’ve been up to that they signed into Twitter yesterday to keep tabs on me.  Of course, once they figured out that I could see them watching me, they totally deleted their account!  ;-D  Ah, the things we do on the internet for amusement.

At any rate, I’ve been working on cleaning the house up a bit, as I will be having an appraiser come so I can lower my mortgage interest (hopefully) from 6.78% to 5.125%.  At least I’m pre-approved for the 5.125% — we’ll have to see what they say the house is worth in the meanwhile. You never know.  Values have gone up in some locations, down in others.  I’d love to take a bit of cash out to repair (or renew) the wiring in the house, but I’d settle for just paying less interest on what I now owe.

I’m working on a Rangeley Stars quilt (pattern by Deb Tucker) using some Moda Nantucket, Moda Flag Day Farm, and some other random fabrics, and I posted a picture of the first block down in my blog about MQX.  I may be teaching a class on this in the fall.  Permissions already obtained from Deb, who was a great teacher!

I’ll post again when I have more progress to report and some pictures to go along with it.  In the meanwhile, I’m changing internet providers and my websites may go down for a bit.  Hopefully, I’ll have things up and running properly by tomorrow.

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