Does she still quilt?

Well, yes she does!  It’s just that she’s been in SID hell for a while.  I finally have only about two advances of the quilt left on this one for my sister.  I’m SIDing all the arcs and spikes.  The alternate blocks will be filled with a stencil that looks a bit like a bicycle derailleur.  The quilt is for my sister’s husband and they are both really into bicycling.  Ginny was, at one time, the Oregon State Champion for women over 50.  She doesn’t race much any more.  



I’ve used Madiera Monolon for the SID.  I’ll go back when I’m done and quilt some spirals in the arcs and some funky stuff in the points, but for now, I just want the SID done.  I have to load a small quilt that needs to be outta here in a flash, so I’ll have to unzip this one when the SID is done!


8 thoughts on “Does she still quilt?

  1. I love that quilt!! The colors are wonderful and so rich!!! SID sure is worth it on something like this!! Beautiful….can’t wait to see finished pics!!

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