Feathered Star in the works

I will be the substitute teacher for “Making and Quilting a Feathered Star” at MQX.  The class was originally to be taught by my dear friend and very talented quilter, Ronda Beyer.  We will be using Ronda’s “Spanish Rose” pattern to make the center medallion of the quilt in class and then I will give some ideas on how to quilt it.  Here is the star I whipped together in one evening last week:


It looks a little lumpy because it is lying on top of my lumpy down comforter, but you can see that all the points come together just where they should.  The result of good instructions from the pattern, starching the fabric (I use Mary Ellen’s Best Press), careful cutting, and using the triangle paper for the HSTs.  I’m putting the borders on this week.  I have two on so far, but since this is my first week back to full-time employment, I’ve been a bit wiped-out each evening.  Hopefully, I’ll have it done by the weekend.

I’ll then partially construct another for the class, so I can show the students how the individual pieces come together.  If you’re interested in taking the class, please register at http://www.mqxshow.com

After registering, you will need to let me know so we can send Ronda your snail mail address and get you the class packet so you can do your cutting before class.  I think it will be a fun class that will leave you with the skills to make a wonderful quilt.


8 thoughts on “Feathered Star in the works

  1. I’ve always loved feathered stars and thought one day I’d make one. Shame I won’t be there this year, I would have loved the class!

  2. It is good to see an update from you and I hope you aren’t getting too sore or wiped out by the full days at work.

    I love feathered stars and Ronda does them beautifully. I do have the Spanish Rose pattern, your post makes me eager to try my hand at making one.

  3. Hey Linda,
    I am racing along running out of time myself. I will stop by later and read you articles. I am hoping to connect others to my Quilting blogspot. Oh My is that your quilting at the top of you page? It is very nice. I hope you will have the time to connect to my site. I am still a blogger newbie so I am trying to figure out just what is possible.

  4. I’ve been thinking about you!!! Take it easy so you don’t get another bout of the crud before you have to leave for MQX!!! I am so bummed taht once again I can’t go. I always took that as my vacation alone each year! Tell everyone I said hello!! I miss them all!!

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