Road to recovery

Ronda’s husband called me at about 8:45 Pacific time tonight to tell me that Ronda was in the recovery room.  From what I understand they had to totally replace the artificial knee she had with a new one.  I am so glad she is through the surgery, but now the trauma of pain and recovery begins.  Before I had my back surgery, I filled out paperwork to participate in a study on post traumatic stress disorder.  I’ve had many surgeries in my life and have never felt particularly distressed by any of them.  Yes, they were painful, yes, the recovery wasn’t always great, but I never felt as though I had PTSD.  Well, I think I have it now — not particularly from the first back surgery, but from the one I had four days later.  I don’t think I will soon forget that pain.  Today, as I thought about Ronda going into surgery, I was just so sick to my stomach.  Apparently, the knee surgery was so bad for her the last time, she felt the same way.   I am praying the new technologies, even in just the last three years make this a more comfortable recovery than the one she had last time. 

At any rate, we are now both on the road back to health.  Mine has been agonizingly slow.  I hope Ronda’s progress is faster than mine.  We’ve had to cancel our fun retreat to the coast in February and I’m hoping we’re going to be able to travel to MQX and have a good time.  We’re both teaching, so we’d best make it!  We’ll probably both set off the metal detectors in the airport. 

So goodnight all.  Thank you for your prayers for Ronda, and keep ’em coming!


6 thoughts on “Road to recovery

  1. I felt like that must be what I had after my hysterectomy. It was the abdominal kind, and they did a bladder suspension while in there, and took out my ovaries. I wasn’t grieving over losing the organs. But I felt traumatized. That was the only word that could describe it. Violated. It was the strangest thing I had ever been through, and I don’t care to experience it again.

  2. Linda, I’m sorry to read that you’re still having pain with your back. I hope that improves soon so that you’ll feel like quilting once again.

    I hope Ronda is doing well today and that her recovery will be swift.

  3. Linda,
    I am so sorry to hear that you and Ronda have had so many painful health issues, but so happy that you have found such dear friends in each other. I have been negligent in keeping up with all of my longarm friends since I gave my machine to a friend. I pray that both of you find painfree peace in the very near future!!! Oh, btw, I am finally divorced! LOL..a good thing!!!Take care and I hope I can keep up a little better in the future! Love and miss all my old chat friends!!!

  4. Love ya Linda, aren’t we a pair????? If it isn’t one thing it is another, I am so thankful to have you to lean on, see ya the first part of next week, or sooner…. Mucho love to you my friend

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