Small blessings

Well, small change to this blog post.  Today we are thankful that we don’t quite have the camera hookup ready to go.  Junior (for whom I made the new kitty hammock) is either ill or having trouble passing a furball, and my house is a total disaster today.  I awoke to the special sound that precedes kitty vomit at about 2:30 a.m., only to find him in his brand new hammock, which he did christen on his way out.  He then visited my room while I tried to go back to sleep and we had a close call with mom’s bed, but that was avoided.  I’ve now found several surprises on the rug and in the kitchen.  All this for a woman who is not supposed to bend.  Just how do you get down and scrub cat yak with no bending?  I can hear Michael, my physical therapist already.  “You lower yourself to the floor by squatting and then get on your knees or sit and then take care of it.”  Yes, but then, how in the heck do you get back up???  All the little things that used to be so easy, if so terribly unpleasant (I know — aren’t you glad I shared?).  I did the best I could with the mess, but it wore me out and I headed back to bed.  I didn’t get back up till 1:30 p.m., so loath was I to deal with the disaster.  So, I’m about to get a trifle cleaned up myself and head out for two purposes.  First and foremost, some carpet shampoo (which I will follow up with some wonderful cleaner my bestest friend gave me to remove the smell).  Then I will head over to Costco to get my NEW PHONE!!  Yes, today is my Verizon “new in two.”  A much-anticipated event that all you Verizon customers who have current phone troubles will understand.  My old phone is dying a slow death and I must get a new one.  I badly want the Blackberry Storm, but I’m afraid it’s additional charges will put it out of my pocketbook’s reach.  Doing without my quilting income has put a big hole in said pocketbook!  So, when I get home and have dealt with the cat yak (ewww).  I’ll give Eowyn (my APQS Liberty) her first flip of the switch in what? about six months?  EGAD, you say!  My sister’s quilt is on the frame.  She has been enough of a severe PITA lately that I am not wanting to get started with it, but I am dying to quilt.  I may only manage 5 minutes (lots of SID to do), but after letting her warm up a bit, I’ll bet Eowyn will be happy to be taken for a small run.

I’ll let you all know what phone I get.  Surely it will be a much more pleasant topic than that above!


3 thoughts on “Small blessings

  1. I know your phone works, I cannot wait to see all the things you can do with it in a few days…. Hope the harfing is over and you can enjoy some quilting time… Miss you already… Hugs

  2. Hi Linda,
    Glad you are back at posting. I wonder every day how you are doing & sure am glad also that you’ll be at MQX. Slap me up the side of the head if I walk past you!!!

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