I sewed!!

Well, it was only a kitty hammock, but I made something.  One of my cats, Junior (I actually call him the Fat Bas&%rd), loves his hammock in the window.  When I first made the hammock and put it up, both kitties could fit in it.  Now Junior spills out of it, but it’s always been his favorite perch, as it is almost right above the heating vent in the winter.  The fake sheep skin cover on the old one had gotten disgusting and beyond the capabilities of even my amazing Dyson Animal to clean, so it was time for a new one.   I’d post a pic, but I’m still having problems with my camera talking to the Windows side of the computer and then having problems getting my photos out of iPhoto and over to the Windows side.  I may just have to start emailing them to myself.  Hmmm – I don’t know how to email from the Mac side either!  Anyway, I have determined that there is a book called MacBook for Dummies — and I am definitely a Mac Dummy.  So I am off to the local Barnes and Noble to pick one up.  The book supposedly even talks about using the Parallels software I have that allows me to run Windows on the Mac, so I should be enlightened.  I have to paint the other side of the shelf I am about to put in my kitchen window (because my orchids are falling off the window sill) and finish my MQX Pet Challenge Round Robin block so I can mail it off to Ronda tomorrow, and then I will lie here on the couch and educate myself about this computer.  I understand the Mac side is really cool.  I just wish I understood how to use it! 😉


5 thoughts on “I sewed!!

  1. You did what!!!!! LOL…. I need to finish some cool cafe curtains for this wonderful lady I know, I might even deliver them to her… Hugs and much love for Sophie and her human Mom….

  2. You’d better wait till you hear what the doc has to say before heading for Eugene with that bad knee! I know I will absolutely love the curtains. I cannot believe you take the time to do these wonderful things for me in the midst of your busy schedule. We need to pick some time and go visit Jane — hopefully if the creek doesn’t rise any higher!

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