Game on!!

Ronda and I had a wee bit of a tailgate party at our last retreat (Ocean Waves Quilt Camp).  I think I brought a bottle of EVIL and a bottle of Penfold’s Merlot to that retreat, and I took a bottle of my own label, pictured here, second from the left (just kidding, I don’t own this wine, it’s a marvelous Grenache from South Australia, but the label somehow fits!).  😉  So, Ronda has now challenged me to come up with more fun-named wines for our next retreat (in February, during the Coast Run Shop Hop).  Here are my selections du jour, left to right:  Evil (it’s just wrong), Bitch (jokingly called my private label), Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Vivacious Vicky Red, and Mad Housewife.


I wonder how many cases we’ll have by the time February rolls around?


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