It’s hard to come home

I just got home from my second weekend away at a quilt retreat.  Two in a row, who could ask for much more than that?  I wish I had taken pictures at Ocean Waves Camp.  Actually, I wish I could find a camera that would allow me to take good pictures with my shakey hands.  My current digital camera has image stabilization, but I don’t think it works all that well.  Anyway, back to quilting retreats — I had a great time.  I started a quilt, from a Miss Rosie’s pattern called Circle of Friends, at the Ocean Waves Quilt Camp.  It was my main project for the retreat this weekend and I think I made good progress, although the pictures aren’t so hot. circle-of-friends1



We were at Silver Falls State Park this weekend.  camp

Not only are the surroundings spectacularly beautiful, but the lodge dining hall is run by two men who are just excellent chefs.  The first night we had pork roast with a berry glaze for dinner, second night was Italian chicken, cooked in a tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese, and the last night we had pot roast.  Add wonderful green salads, fruit salads, fresh-baked bread, spectacular desserts (including Oregon marionberry pie), and great breakfasts that would do a lumberjack proud, and you are in heaven.  Eat, Sleep, Quilt — no cooking, no cleaning.  Here are the campers.  I’m in the red in the back on the right side.


We also had a few adventures.  I had to leave the park for a bit to pick up a machine I had repaired in McMinnville.  When I came back, there was a doe and two fawns in the roadway, with a family of humans standing there snapping photos.  I rolled down the window and warned them as they began to advance on the deer, as I could see the momma was just about ready to kick all their faces in.  Deer can be as protective of their babies as bear can be.  Luckily, the family backed off, and the deer disappeared into the woods, with momma throwing me a “you got that right” glance as she herded off her two young charges.  We had some racoons salivating over any tidbits we might leave in their path and one decided to follow Kathy up the trail on our last night.  She started to run, insisting he was “chasing her,” till I reminded her that we were all a lot bigger than any racoon.  He did follow us up to our lodge, but respectfully remained out on the porch.


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