Confusion reigns

You know at the end of Moonstruck, when they’re all seated around the breakfast table, and Cosmo looks over at his poor father, who is all hunched up and says, “wassamatta, pop?” and the old man says, “I’m CONFUSED!” ???  Well, there we have my situation in a nutshell.  I am so confused.  I saw the surgeon in Portland on the 16th.  He said yes, 3-level fusions aren’t generally recommended, but given the degree of arthritis and degenerative disc disease in my lower back, it wouldn’t fuse together well on its own, and it should probably be fixed.  We did more tests to make sure the rest of my spine could take it, and I went back to see him on the 30th.  He says, “well, the rest of your spine looks good except for a little arthritis in the thoracic area, so maybe we should do nothing.”  WTF???  Are you kidding me??  I sat there stunned.  Then he says, “unless it’s really bothering you.”  To which I said, well, yeah, that’s why I’m here, that’s why I wear narcotic pain patches, that’s why I’m whacked out, and that’s why I’m so confused!!  So, since it is bothering me, he says, “well, let’s go ahead and fuse L3/L4 and L4/L5.  We’ll leave L5/S1 alone.”  L5/S1 is the worst of the discs and it is the one that causes me the most pain.  He had a little guy, a very polite doctor from Viet Nam in the office observing, so I guess I felt restrained from coming unglued.  I lef the office dazed and, yes, confused, came home and wrote him a note the next day.  Apparently, he didn’t get it, because they called today to schedule my 3-level fusion!! 8^O  Now I’m REALLY confused.

Luckily, Robin, the assistant who called today, said that she’s not sure Dr. Hart is up on how to read the messages in the my chart, so she sent me a blank email so I could respond with my questions, which she will forward to Dr. Hart.  Hopefully, I will hear from him next week.  PHEW!  It is so hard to decide what to do.  But then, I try to do out for a walk, and it becomes so apparent that I really need to do something.  I don’t get far before the pain is intense.

On a more fun note, our guild show is this weekend.  I have three quilts in the show.  My whole cloth titled, “For Clara, in Memory of my Mother,” “Whole Cloth Sampler,” a little number I whipped up after taking a class with Sherry Rogers-Harrison in Houston on how to fill large blocks with feathery items, and “If I Had Two Mice, I’d Give You One,” the little quilt I did for the MQX pet challenge last year.  I’m not counting on it, but a ribbon or two would be really nice.  I will be the vendor angel (sit in for potty breaks) tomorrow morning from 9-12:30, and then I do the binding demo on Sunday morning at 11:15.  I still need to take the photos and make up the binding demo handouts.  I’m so exhausted, I probably won’t get to it till Saturday afternoon.  I do have something ready to bind, and I do have my sewing machine back from the hospital.  I also have one that Ronda loaned to me just in case!  At least I can try to put the back stuff out of my mind and have a really quilty weekend!


3 thoughts on “Confusion reigns

  1. WTF is right, it is possible that his notes were transcribed incorrectly, good thing the nurse you spoke with helped you out…. Once they get in there they can and do change what their initial plans are, the CT’s and MRI’s only show so much…
    Hang in there Linda, I am rooting for you…. Love ya bunches

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