Lovely photos

I picked up my pictures today.  Not the ones that folks usually want to see.  The MRIs actually don’t look that bad, but the CT shows the story of the damage.  I couldn’t get the lines off the picture at the L4-5 level, but that level looks almost as bad as the rest.  Discs are supposed to be nice and thick and cushy.  You can see that my bottom two are thin and squished out.  The third from the bottom is bulging.  It looks to be bulging in just one area, but the CT report says it has a big 360 degree bulge.  GEEZ!  Anyway, here is my lovely spine, or at least a few slices of it.


As Bette Davis said, “Old age is no place fer sissies.”  She wasn’t just whistling Dixie!  I did find out today that the doc I will see next Tuesday has been known to do three-level fusions.  I’m also glad for Jan’s comment that she’s had three levels fused and is pain free.  The doc I see next Tuesday does Dynesys Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization, which I think will be along the line of the fusion Jan had.  I am hoping it will be the ticket for me.


3 thoughts on “Lovely photos

  1. Linda, the bulging disks looks obvious as does the lack of cushion between some of the other disks. The second doctor sounds like he might have the experience and knowledge you need in your surgeon. My hopes that you’ll get good and hopeful news next Tuesday.

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