I’ve been a terrible blogger again

You know when your mom used to say, ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all’?  Well, I’ve been in a bit of a funk and I supposed that no one would want to listen to the whining.  However, I will be having surgery on my back next Tuesday and I can look forward to most of the pain being gone, hopefully, right away.  I’m sure I’ll have some pain from my incisions, but we can at least get my bones off of my nerves!  That is a good thing (she says in her best Martha-like tones).  In the meanwhile, I’ve been preparing some hand-work to do while I’m laid up.  I have an applique project I’ll be working on that I hope will come out nicely.  I’ve also been marking a Monet’s Wedding Ring quilt (from Judy Martin’s Scraps book) that my sister made as an anniversary gift for her daughter’s and son-in-law’s fifth wedding anniversary.  I think it will come out nicely, once I’m able to quilt again, if I can just figure out how to finish the border!  I’m also having my new Sylvia sewing cabinet and my machine (DSM) set up in my spare bedroom, so if I’m able to sew at all, I won’t have to go upstairs to do it.  I imagine it will be a bit before I feel like climbing the stairs to the quilting studio.

Thanks to my most excellent Preferred Care Provider (aka my doctor), I have been kept relatively comfortable while I await surgery.  You know the pain is bad when generous helpings of percocet no longer manage it.  I was finally put on Fentanyl patches a few weeks ago.  I am now at the part where they are not totally managing the pain, but I think I can hold out till next Tuesday.  I also get to apply a fresh patch today and have some tips from the pharmacist on how to get them to stick well and, therefore, work better.  I’ve spent way too many nights awake on an ice pack.

So, as the summer dwindles down, here’s to all of you settling back into making gorgeous quilts and to me having some off time to work on quilting projects as lack of pain permits.  Remember to hug all your loved ones and to sit and enjoy the sunset every now and then.  With or without pain, these days are what we make of them.


7 thoughts on “I’ve been a terrible blogger again

  1. True friends are always willing to listen to our problems, our heartaches, our worries and yes, even our whining. 🙂 Also, true friends would never turn on you, especially if and when you vent your feelings or your insecurities (if you have any, LOL). If they do…well, just mourn them leaving from your life, grit your teeth at the pain of losing their friendship and wave good-bye (I know, this is much easier said than done—so many things are easier said than done, aren’t they?). You are a wonderful, caring woman—I cannot imagine anyone who knows you, being unwilling to support you when you hurt—whether it is a physical or mental pain—so please, keep writing, keep sharing what is happening in your life without any thought to someone not being willing to support you through whatever you are going through.

    I’m thankful that the patches are working for you and that your wonderful doctor provided enough of them to get you through to your surgery date. You know you’ll be on my mind and in my prayers on Tuesday.

    I appreciate you and always enjoy reading your blog posts, whether you are needing to vent or are rejoicing at good times and things.

  2. It’s your blog and if you want to while we are here to listen. You are allowed. I think you have kept the best attitude through all of this. I’ll be counting the days with you until Tuesday when this pain can be alleviated!

  3. We whine and wine, and laugh and cry and respect and relish the friendship we have, I am so glad those patches got you through the rough days and we both know all too well there will be much more pain before we are well again….. Remind Ted to call me as soon as you are out of surgery and let me know when you are up to company, I’ll come stitch and bitch with you and even shop a little too…… Take things easy we have Quilt Camp coming upon us and then our Retreat and then MQX we must be ready to wine and laugh and embarrass ourselves there… Love to you my friend, besides it is not whining at all, we have the god given right to piss and moan all we want…… Hugs, talk to you Monday evening when we get home from Gina’s….

  4. Thinking of you Linda. I hope this surgery gives you the relief you so need and deserve. I will be thinking of you on Tuesday and say prayers for your safe outcome and the doctors steady hands. Love you bunches!

  5. It is wonderful to hear that you are finally going to get some relief from your pain! I suspected your quiet blog had much to do with your back problems and that is quite understandable.

    Best wishes for a swift and complete recovery! You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Linda – I am so glad you will be getting relief from pain after Tuesday. Having been through 5 back surgeries myself (3 of them fusions), I can feel for you). My prayers will be with you on Tuesday.

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