Not much new

I realize I haven’t been blogging much lately.  There’s actually not much to write about.  I’ve been in a great deal of pain and haven’t really been able to do much.  It got so bad last night I went to the ER for a shot in the butt.  It helped quite a bit, but I could still feel the pain, just not so intensely.  I did manage to get a really good night’s sleep out of the shot though.  I stayed home from work today and have been mostly lying on the couch, on top of an ice pack.  I’ve tried alternating heat too, but the heat seems to make the pain get worse.  I did do some laundry, but standing up and walking around tends to send great waves of pain down my leg.  To the extent that I feel very sick to my stomach, so I’m not doing a lot of moving around.  This really, really sucks.  I have so much I want to do, and nothing is getting done.  Even worse, I have an appraiser coming to the house on Monday or Tuesday afternoon.  I have a chance to lower the interest rate on my house by quite a bit, so I’m hoping to neaten things up before the appraiser gets here.  Or, perhaps they can send me someone I will never see again as long as I live!  My house is a disaster area, and I’m not in much physical condition for cleaning.  It will have to be a light organizing routine and quick (but gentle) vacuuming job before anyone can come in.  I will try to go to work tomorrow.  We’ll see how that goes.  I can’t take sitting in the chair much, but I do have things I need to get done before I have the fusion surgery.

Hopefully soon I will have something other than whining to share with you all.

5 thoughts on “Not much new

  1. Linda, I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing so much pain without relief. I hate that you have to have surgery again–I know you are sick and tired of having the pain and not being able to be as active as you’d like.

    I hope the upcoming surgery ends the problems and that you’ll be able to do all that you wish to do, when you wish to do it.

    My best to you!

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