Hmm.  Independence is a wonderful thing.  I remember moving into my first apartment, all prepared to take on the world by myself.  I had a mattress on the floor, one Revere saucepan and one Revere frying pan, a few plates, a few glasses and cups, a few utensils, and a wooden fruit crate with a couple of boards nailed to it for a coffee table.  Life was good.  I think it was a couple of weeks before I actually acquired a chair and a couch for the living room.  Longer after that before I actually got a table and chairs for the dining room.  So, where in the heck did all this junk come from?  I have been doing my best today (well, it’s after midnight, so I guess I should say yesterday) to declare my independence from JUNK!  My spare bedroom has been a depository for nearly everything that has been cluttering other rooms in the house, to the point where you could barely walk into the room.  Well, you can walk into it now.  Unfortunately, that means there are now piles of stuff in the living room!  🙄  The good thing is, there is a recycle pile, a donate pile, a trash pile, and a keep pile.  The keep pile is very small.  I need to get back to the simple life, where all I have is exactly what I need.  I want to get rid of the clutter so I can buy more thread, more fabric, more paints, dyes, crystals, notions, batting, etc!!  Retirement is coming.  I have to have the things I will need.  I don’t need clothes that are too big, too small; I don’t need books that I have read and no longer have time for (thank goodness for Audible); I have boxes of photos that are ancient.  I suppose I should find time to scan them into the computer.  I have tons of financial paperwork that has to be organized and filed.  I have unsuitable furniture that should be donated to someone who can use it.  I need a wife!!  No – wait – I was going for independence here, not dependence.  Oh nevermind, I’ll get back to getting rid of this stuff on my own.  It may take some time, but I’ll get there.


8 thoughts on “Independence

  1. Linda, it must be something in the air? I spent yesterday de-cluttering the house. Or at least I made an attempt at it! I did manage to decide I have one desk that I need to sell. That’s a start, right? LOL

  2. When Chris was in the Navy and we moved frequently it was a great opportunity to get rid of clutter. Now that we have been in the same house for 10 years. Every couple of years I get a couple of trash bags and don’t stop until they are filled. It just amazes me how much stuff we acquire!

  3. Linda, it sounds like you accomplished a lot. Doesn’t it feel good to see the difference? I love when an area is organized and works well. Just wish I could get the whole house—heck, my whole life, LOL, organized better.

  4. Good for you, you sound like me, get rid of stuff to replace it with new (lol)…… I am always fearful of tossing something that I might need someday, then when I do toss it I tear the house apart looking for it when it dawns on me that is is no longer to be found….. Don’t overdo it but enjoy the freeing journey purging brings….

  5. Linda, I started doing a Flylady a few years ago, and got rid of a bunch of clutter. What a great feeling…problem is, I have let some things get out of hand again. My closet is a nightmare, and I have got to come up with a system for keeping all these darn quilting mags neat and out of the way, yet still accessible. I intended to do some serious purging this three day weekend, then I woke up with back spasms yesterday. It’s amazing how much more stressed you feel with there is too much “stuff” around.

  6. Linda, When we built our home, we actually upsized, but at the same time I “downsized” all the junk. Everything we have now we use, no storing of stuff we “might” need someday, we sold, gave and if nobody wanted it, we buried it with the old house. Even now 2.5 years later, my motto is “if you don’t want it, get rid of it”. Keep up the good work with the purging.

    Karen L

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