All that worry over relatively nothing.  I wanted to get up off the table and just kiss this doctor!  He WAS kind of cute.  😉  Everything was so much different.  They gave me fentanyl, which I did have the last time, but didn’t get even the least bit drowsy.  This time I did feel a little loopy.  Then the doc injected the numbing medicine and waited a bit (what a novel concept!) before proceeding with the steroid injection.  He did tell me when he was approaching the nerve and asked me to let him know if I felt anything.  I did begin to wince, so he backed off, added a little more numbing stuff, and then finished the job.  It was not bad at all.  I cannot begin to express the relief I feel.  Right now my butt is numb and my leg is a bit tingley, so I’ll start my ice packs, take my meds, and sleep the best I can.  I have permission to get up and move about gently later in the day.  I think I’ll probably go out and prune the roses in the back yard if I feel up to it.

I am soooo relieved.  Now I just pray this is effective for relieving this pain and letting the nerve heal.  Thank you all for the prayers and wonderful support.  I think it all worked!


7 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Linda, you remind me of me “I have permission to move about a little bit, so I think I may prune the roses”. LOL That sounds just like something I’d say!

    Glad to hear this Dr. was much gentler and your injection went smoothly. Don’t push it too hard, too fast!

  2. “Phew” is right! Just the thought of going through what you described before made me sick to my stomach. I am so glad it was easier and you already feel some relief.

  3. What great news! I’m so glad it went much easier and better than the last time. Hope you take it easy this weekend.

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