All that worry over relatively nothing.  I wanted to get up off the table and just kiss this doctor!  He WAS kind of cute.  😉  Everything was so much different.  They gave me fentanyl, which I did have the last time, but didn’t get even the least bit drowsy.  This time I did feel a little loopy.  Then the doc injected the numbing medicine and waited a bit (what a novel concept!) before proceeding with the steroid injection.  He did tell me when he was approaching the nerve and asked me to let him know if I felt anything.  I did begin to wince, so he backed off, added a little more numbing stuff, and then finished the job.  It was not bad at all.  I cannot begin to express the relief I feel.  Right now my butt is numb and my leg is a bit tingley, so I’ll start my ice packs, take my meds, and sleep the best I can.  I have permission to get up and move about gently later in the day.  I think I’ll probably go out and prune the roses in the back yard if I feel up to it.

I am soooo relieved.  Now I just pray this is effective for relieving this pain and letting the nerve heal.  Thank you all for the prayers and wonderful support.  I think it all worked!