I’m not usually afraid of needles

I use them nearly every day when I’m quilting, I get two allergies injections each week, and I even give myself a monthly injection of vitamin B12, but I’m terrified of the epidural spinal injection tomorrow morning.  The last time I had one of these, I thought I would rocket through the ceiling.  I’m allergic to versed — the stuff they generally give you to relax you — I tend to try to punch people’s lights out when they give it to me, so they don’t.  So, the last time I had the injection, I was pretty much fully awake.  The doc started with the little numbing shot which numbed nothing.  Then they started with the BIG needle.  It didn’t hurt that bad.  Then he pushed into the area that needed the steroid.  My leg curled up off the table and I was screaming my bloody head off.  I vividly remember that pain and I really don’t want to go there again.  I’ve been lying awake for the past two nights worrying about it.  I really hope that this will not be bad tomorrow.  It’s a new doctor.  I’ve heard he is very gentle.  I’m praying this is true.  At any rate, I’m sure I will be fine.  Even if it is bad, it will be over in a short time, and I’ll be home, lying on my ice pack for the rest of the day.  I will be glad of the rest.  And then the weekend starts!

We finally had a day over 80 degrees today.  I guess we gave Spring a miss and will head straight into Summer tomorrow.  Lots of things will be happening in town this year.  This weekend is the Black Sheep Gathering at the fairgrounds, just about five blocks down from my house.  A celebration of the raising of sheep of a different color, they have lots of exhibits and demonstrations of fiber art.  Not sure I’ll make it to that.  There is a beading class (beginning wire twisting) at the bead shop on Sunday that I would love to take, but I should be quilting instead.  Then next week will begin the Track and Field Olympic Trials here in Eugene at the University of Oregon.  I imagine getting to work and back home again each day will be a bit of a challenge.  If my back is better, I may just walk.  Then will come the Fourth of July, then the Country Fair (wildness in the woods) and the Sisters Quilt show.  Hmm, I wonder what comes after that?  Well, too soon to worry about it.  I’ll read up and let you all know.


7 thoughts on “I’m not usually afraid of needles

  1. Linda, you know you’ll be in my thoughts throughout the day. Hopefully the doctor and staff have found a substitution to the Versed so that you can be more comfortable this time. I hope the injection works well to ease your pain and symptoms!

    It sounds like there are many fun activities going on in your town—hope you feel good enough to attend those that you enjoy.

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