If it’s not one disc, it’s another

Well, the verdict is in.  It is my L4 disc pressing on my sciatic nerve now.  I will have a nerve block and epidural steroid injection next Friday and pray that it helps to ease the pain and inflamation.  My poor spine is crumbling a bit.  If this doesn’t take care of things I may be looking at more surgery, but I’m praying I will be comfortable and no more possibilities of falling from the glitch in my gait.  Geez!

At least the quilting is going well.  I can heartily recommend hyrdraulics to all who don’t have them and notice that their backs are stiff and sore.  I can quilt sitting, standing, bent over, straight up, anything to shift and get more comfortable.  It makes quilting an even more enjoyable experience than it usually is. 

The sun is also out for the first time in ages in Oregon.  I was really beginning to wonder if we were going to freeze out the very thin track stars who will be showing up in town for the Olympic Trials, which begin (I think) the week after next.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to walk well by then and can walk to work to avoid the crush of parking here.  My bus route disappears with the end of school (tomorrow), so it would be best if I can walk in.  It’s only two miles to work, so it would be good exercise.

Lots of work to get done, so off I go!  Have a great day all.