Blessed weekend

Ah, there’s nothing like being able to get up when you feel like it, then sit down with a good cup of coffee, read your email, and just enjoy the morning!  😀  Of course, I need to get upstairs and get to quilting, but for now I’m just content to sit and relax.  I took two pain pills last night so I finally got a really good night’s sleep.  I sort of doubt that I moved all night.  Well, I did move once when Junior (also known as Fat Bastard) decided he was cold and wanted to come sleep with mom.  He must sleep under the covers, so I was awakened by him pawing at the top of the blankies.  I let him under and then had a splendid LARGE furry heating pad for the rest of the night. 

I’ve become a bit of a coffee snob over the years.  I’ve always ground my beans fresh at home and made my coffee each morning, along with some frothed half n half.  Well, about a month ago, I got an offer from AARP (yep, I’m old) for a Senseo Coffee maker for $15 — just shipping charge — for answering a questionnaire and saying that I tell people about products I like.  Well, I’m here to tell you this is a product that I like.  The pods the machine requires are a bit spendy, but if you’re crafty, you can figure out how to make your own from fresh ground coffee.  I’m crafty.  Or, I have craft (can’t remember a F%$#ing thing!).  Anyway, I really love the coffee this machine makes and I really enjoy sitting here with my cup.  I look forward to the day, a year and a half from now, when I can sit here and not have to worry about Monday coming.  I did try to put a retirement countdown widget on my blog, but I just can’t seem to make them work.  Oh well.  I know it’s something like 543 days until I retire!

Off to quilt.

4 thoughts on “Blessed weekend

  1. But . . that’s not WORK days remaining, right? Only count the work days . . then the time will pass faster. Well, maybe not faster but the number will look smaller anyway.

    I don’t drink coffee but I can appreciate how nice it must be to enjoy a great tasting cup.

  2. You’ll get there Linda! Judy has a good point of only counting the work days. Maybe it won’t seem so daunting. Enjoy your pieceful morning.

  3. Good weekend, Great coffee, Good snugglers and some well deserved peace and quiet, what more could we ask for?????? Counting days, makes me smile, I used to count the total waste of make-up days (lol)….. Hang in there, see you Wednesday…..

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