From peaceful to very noisy

After a weekend of lush green peace and quiet, I got to spend this morning in one of these:

MRIs are generally not painful, but my back has gotten so bad that half way through I began to have muscle spasms and was blurring the pictures, so we had to stop and start over.  Thankfully, only three of the 4-minute scans needed to be done again.  I also had to have a few done with contrast to differentiate between scar tissue from my December surgery and my regular tissue.  I see the surgeon on Wednesday.  I wish I could hope that there were an option other than bolts and screws, but at this point I’m afraid that’s what I will need.  My back is just very unstable.  I’m fine except for when I walk — not good.

The good news is that, thanks to the hydraulics my brother installed while I was at MQX, I can quilt quite comfortably.  I used to sit a lot to quilt, now I stand most of the time.  That’s a much better position for me.  I have a couple of easy all-overs to do this weekend, so hopefully I’ll make a dent in my backlog.

Happy weekend all!

3 thoughts on “From peaceful to very noisy

  1. Damn it…… Sending you gentle hugs,,, I swear if it is not muscle spasms in that tube it is the bladder that says Gotta go NOW! Hang in there,, Love ya….

  2. Linda, sounds like a brutal time with the muscle spasms during the MRI. Hope the doctor will be able to offer a solution to the problems you’ve been experiencing. I misunderstood and thought the MRI was next week. Glad that it is behind you now.

    Wonderful that the hydralics are making quilting possible (and more comfortable) for you now. I think I have my frame a bit too high…but dread having to ask DH to get the floor jack out to lower it for me……..hydralics sound really good — even to someone who uses their machine as little as I do.

    Hope you have a restful, painfree and good weekend.

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