Retreating is good for the soul

I spent the weekend at a quilt retreat at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon.  It is one of the greenest and most beautiful spots in the state (in my opinion).  Because I’ve been having problems with my back (especially when walking) I did not walk the trails down to the falls, but I did walk on the trails near our lodge and took pictures of many of the wildflowers that were blooming.  I get such a sense of tranquility in the park at the conference center.  The lodges are nice and comfortable (even though the walls are way too thin), but I find that more than just a half a glass of wine can drown out the snoring from the room next door.  My roommate and I slept fairly well.  Here are some photos:

South falls - from a previous trip



4 thoughts on “Retreating is good for the soul

  1. What a beautiful setting and great photos. Sorry that you’re dealing with back pain again but hope you’ll be feeling much better soon.

  2. Gorgeously great for the soul, I am glad you had a wonderful time, wish the back would shape up for you….. Thanks for sharing the pictures, how we forget the beauty up there so quickly…. I spent so much time there as a child growing up so close to it…. Hugs

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