Four more sleeps!

Well, possibly only three, since I’ll no doubt have trouble sleeping on Saturday night.  I will be leaving for MQX at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning.  My niece will be housesitting and feeding the kitties, so no worries there.  The yard work guys come tomorrow, so the house won’t look like the abandoned wreck it so highly resembles right now.  I’m almost half-way through the Dove in the Window.  I’d post a pic, but I only have them on my home computer and I’m on my lunch hour at work.  I usually go for a walk at lunch, but I’ve been a bit sick to my stomach for the past few days, so I’m staying in.  This gave me a chance to post and I think I’ll do some sudoku to try and exercise my brain!


7 thoughts on “Four more sleeps!

  1. We have 7 more and probably more like 6, can’t wait to see you again….. Get well, I am feeling crappy today, something I do not have time for… Love ya

  2. Color me green with envy! I would really like to go to MQX one of these days, but my travel has been curtailed as of late. However, I do hope you will have a good time….and I know you will. Rest up and feel better soon.

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