Burning the midnight (and later) oil

Well, I have a behemoth Dove in the Window quilt on the machine — 100 x 115″.  I’m leaving for MQX in a week and a day, and I have a full time job!  I told this piecer I’d have the quilt done by May 1st.  I’d say I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of finishing.  At any rate, it’s now 2:30 a.m. and I figure, since my eyes are bugging out of my head, that it’s time to go to sleep.  Vince I think will spend the night in the quilting room.  He kneaded a pile of batting scraps into perfect shape as I was working and was purring loudly when I came down.  I’ve called him several times, but I think he will not budge for the night.  One funny story about the quilt on the frame.  It has a small inner border that is a gold/mustard/gingery color.  I had no thread to match, so I headed down to the store where I got my serger for some emergency thread.  They have a huge selection of Robison Anton thread there — I’ve never used it.  Anyway, I was looking at the thread display and the store owner came and asked me what I was looking for (thread, right?  ;-p  ) I told her I needed thread to match this fabric that was sort of the color of baby poop.  At that moment, I spotted what I thought would be the right color and pulled it out of the rack — color name?  POOH!   No lie.  I also bought a spool of ginger just in case.  Got home checked the color — Pooh it is!!  😉


3 thoughts on “Burning the midnight (and later) oil

  1. Been there done that, pooh and all (lol)…. And to think you get to do another one of these, don’t hate me when you are done since I recommended you, ya know I love ya….. I hope you don’t have to quilt them both the same, that would be truly painful! Dove in the Window, UGH! time and pain and time, you know all too well… Maybe you will stuff the mattress with me at MQX (lol)….

  2. LOL – you’re too funny! Fortunately, you’ve done the hardest part for me, because she wanted it quilted like the one you did (like I can do that?) and I’m doing my best to use the same design elements you used. I keep seeing the dollar signs and tell myself to quit the bitchin’!

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