It must have been a hard winter

My quilting business has always been a bit slow, but there have always been enough quilts to keep me going.  Considering that I still work full time, that’s been fine with me.  I’m never more than a month or two out, and I’m happy with the additional income.  Suddenly, for the past week, I seem to get a call a day for quilting!  One day I got two calls!  Very strange.  I am suddenly booked out to the middle of the summer.  I think I like this.  If things get busier, I may just have to quit my day job and start quilting full time.  Nah, I need to get to that full retirement pension, but I now think I may be a little more comfortable, knowing that I will have enough additional income when the time does come to retire.  The pension will pay the mortgage and all my bills (of which there are few), but that darned health insurance is the biggy that has me wondering if it’s wise to retire.  I had thought I would possibly need to get a part-time job, perhaps in a store or a bank, but I think I may be able to do without that.  Ah, life feels pretty good today.

I’ll finish and ship my little quilt to MQX this week and then load a huge custom quilt.  I’m a bit nervous about this one.  The customer was referred to me by Ronda, and I know I can’t do quite the wonderful job Ronda does, but I’m gonna give it a whirl!  😉

Wishing a great day to all on this Oregon day filled with liquid sunshine.

6 thoughts on “It must have been a hard winter

  1. Linda, it is weird, the same thing happened to me late January/early February. It is as though my phone number suddenly was found by all of these people and my calendar filled up by 4 months! Still, it is wonderful that work is to be had for us, isn’t it? Consider the alternative.

    OK, girl, about being nervous. Take a look at your header on your blog. Was that made by a talented quilter? If you were seeing it for the first time, would you not be impressed? Yes? I thought so. Obviously you were referred to for a reason, now let me see…coz you are a wonderful quilter….that’s it! So quit worrying and just get on with it. You will do a lovely job, I am sure. Ronda would not recommend you if your work was not up to scratch now, would she?

  2. Linda, wonderful that you are having the added interest in your quilting business! You do lovely quilting and I bet your work will be excellent and loved by the customer.

  3. Linda, I think that you were referred because your quilting is wonderful. I don’t think Ronda would recommend just anyone. How great that you’re now booked out for a while. Good luck with your MQX entry.

  4. Silly girl, your quilting is fabulous, that is why I sent her your way…… Have fun and I will send more your way.. Smooches….
    Desiree says HI, see ya in New Hampshire…

  5. Linda, congrats on all the new customers and quilts!! We all have faith in your abilities, so we are not worried in the least!

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