Nothing inspires like last minute panic

Well, MQX is right around the corner, and I got the fabrics for the Pet charity challenge long ago.  Actually, I knew what I would make with those fabrics even before they arrived, but did I do it?  No!  I have been in such a funk this winter — I don’t know if it’s the weight loss, the sadness experienced by so many friends this year (it’s been a terrible one, hasn’t it?), or just that I’m getting old and curmudgeonly.  Anyway, I finally began to whip my cat quilt together last week and finished it on Saturday night at about 8:00.  I had to take the picture, check and entry form out to the post office by 10:00 to have it postmarked on the 1st of March (entry deadline), and I made it with about an hour to spare.  Getting the lighting right for a picture, especially of an unquilted quilt, is difficult, but at least you can see what the quilt will basically look like.  I need to get it on the machine (maybe next weekend, I have a customer who needs their quilt first) and then there will be some embellishments.  It is called, “If I Had Two Mice, I’d Give You One.”mqx-cat.jpg

The center is from a pattern by Janet Kime called “Tryst” in her book It’s Raining Cats and Dogs.  I enlarged the cats looking at the moon, then added the dogtooth border and then the larger one in the themed fabric (Bad Kitty by Michael Miller).  It looks a bit wonky hanging there, but it is actually a fairly flat quilt.  I hope I don’t mess it up when I quilt it.

6 thoughts on “Nothing inspires like last minute panic

  1. Linda, it is very cute. I am not even a cat person, and I like it. You are not going to mess it up, what are you talking about? I can’t wait to see your quilting.

    PS – Thanks for the nice comments on my quilt. I am not counting any chickens, that’s for sure 😉

  2. Linda, so glad you got this made in time to enter it into MQX. Sorry you’ve been in a funk… has been a difficult winter for so many that we care about, hard not to focus on all the sorrows and forget to rejoice in the blessings (I’m talking to myself about that one).

    Hope to talk with you soon. Take care of you!

    (Hello OneL!!!!). 🙂

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