I’m moving along

Well, I’m still feeling a bit funky, but went to the doc to get things adjusted a bit this morning.  I have managed to start sewing a bit and may actually have my Cat Quilt for the MQX Pet Challenge done by the time it’s due to be entered on March 1.  Of course, that’s the top that will be finished — I’ll still have to quilt it and put the embellishments on.  Geez – I’ve had the pattern picked out for months (even before I got the fabric), and just managed to get motivated enough to start on the top a few nights ago.  I hope they will accept a photo of the unquilted top as my entry.  Nothing inspires me like last minute panic.  When I went upstairs to start on the quilt, I spent about a half hour tearing my studio apart, looking for the fifth fat quarter that was part of the challenge, until a little light went off at the back of my brain that said, “why don’t you head down to the computer and check to see exactly how many fat quarters were actually in the challenge packet?”  Low and behold, there were only four!  😉  Some days it’s just not worth chewing through the restraints.  I’m glad I checked, so I could get on with the actual sewing.  I meant to post a pic of the progress so far.  I brought the top with me yesterday so I could pull the paper out of it (paper pieced) and I actually had the camera with me, but I forgot to take a picture.  Today I have the camera, but I didn’t bring the quilt top.  Oh well.  Hopefully, things will be better soon!

I’m still walking, and walking, and walking some more.  I did 13,000 steps on Monday and made it over 11,000 yesterday.  Let’s see what today holds in store.


4 thoughts on “I’m moving along

  1. Must be in the water, I struggle too! I hope you got out today and enjoyed the sunshine, I did and today was a better day. Can’t wait to see your quilt….. Now to organize our sew day in Springfield…. Hugs

  2. Hi Linda,

    There is nothing like a deadline to motivate me, as well. MrOneL is off to the States in 2 1/2 days and I have to fully bind, label and place a sleeve on my quilt for MQX because he is going to mail it to JL from Houston for me.
    I also have been pedometering – is that a word? I know how far 10000 steps is, so good for you!

  3. Your walking is impressive!! Your weight loss has surpassed mine (I’m envious! but oh so happy for you, too!). I’m afraid I’m a procrastinator (yeah, I know, surprised the heck out of you to share that bit of information about myself………..rofl!) and get things done when I’m pushed by the clock…….

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

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