Life changes

You know, change is good. Well, sometimes things change for the worse, but I think it you wait long enough, they head back for the better again. I was out for my afternoon walk today and the drizzle was just starting, but it actually felt kind of good. It was then that I noticed that my feet don’t hurt, my ankles don’t hurt, my back doesn’t send hot bolts of lightning down my leg anymore. Moving is actually sort of a free and easy experience. What a difference from just a few blog entries ago. A life of pain and misery has been converted to one of more ease and comfort. Now if only someone would light a fire under my butt and get me moving. I’m going to finish cleaning the living room tonight so I can head upstairs to sew in the morning. I’ll worry about the kitchen sometime tomorrow. It can use a good scrubbing. I think there are a lot of things in my life that need a good scrubbing. I’m gonna start working on that.


9 thoughts on “Life changes

  1. Hello Linda! What wonderful news that you are feeling so much better. I hope the pain doesn’t return and that you’ll be feeling this good for a long, long time.

  2. Hey, glad to read you are feeling better! And at least you write…I rarely go through the ring anymore because there are so many blogs on there that rarely, if ever, post anything new. So about once a week, or even less now, I go all the way throught the ring. I was wasting a lot of time viewing the same material every day.

  3. i am so happy to hear that you are having less pain… I hope all your days are totally pain free! And Ronda is right, the cleaning can wait!! Go quilt!!

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