The big tease

This time of year is always such a tease in Oregon.  They’ve been saying it’s going to rain — well, okay, we had a little drizzle yesterday — but the sun is back out today, it’s nearly 60 degrees out and it is just too nice to be inside.  I’ve been out for two walks already.  Once at my morning break, and a longer one at lunchtime.  I may just go out and sit on one of the park benches this afternoon, because I’m tired.  I don’t sleep all that well anymore.  Well, I sleep well, but not for a long period of time.  I’ve been waking up every morning at 4:45 a.m., so I get up and get ready and come into work.  I had quite the workout at physical therapy on Monday and my legs are so sore.  And now I just have to be outside and I generally walk once I get out there.  Hopefully, I’ll sleep well tonight, but I have a bit of sewing to do when I get home.  I have to hem a pair of pants for my niece, then I have a quilt block and a small quilt to work on.  Hopefully, this weekend, I’ll get my next customer quilt on the machine.

I guaranteed myself a bit more sewing time a few nights ago.  I called DirecTV and asked them to disconnect my service.  I get sucked into the TV all the time, mindlessly watching stuff I’ve already seen or stuff I generally would have no interest in.  So, now if I care to watch, it will have to be a DVD I already have in the house.



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