Cruisin’ and quilting

Well, I have been zipping around in my new car.  I just love this thing.  It is quite a bit bigger than my Civic (now my brother’s Civic) but is very comfortable to drive.  It actually fits in my tiny garage, which is good, but if I hadn’t lost weight, I might not be able to fit between the car and the garage wall when I get out of it!  Thank goodness it has an electronic 8-way seat adjustment, because it has taken me some fiddling to find the best position for driving.  Being old and creaky, it’s pretty easy to get stiff from trying to get through traffic in a new car and not being properly fitted in the seat.  I think I finally got it today though, no stiff neck or tired arms when I got out of the car.  Unfortunately, one of my errands for today was to go and get my hair cut.  I look like Buster Brown.  Why am I never very good at explaining to a stylist that I want MINIMAL bangs, not a major bumper of them on my forehead?  Also, she didn’t cut the rest of it short enough.  I got it cut because I lost an awful lot of it with the weight loss, and it looks a little stringy long.  I decided if it was off my shoulders, it wouldn’t look so stringy.  Oh well, I guess I’ll live with it a few weeks and then go back and get it re-shaped.  At least, although it’s thin, it’s been growing fast.  I hope it begins to thicken back up — the loss seems to have stopped for now.

My brother has been calling me a couple of times a day to tell me how he got screwed on this used car he just bought (my old car).  He is, of course, kidding and, while this sort of thing could become annoying, he’s been feeling a bit down this winter and it’s so good to hear that jokester in his voice again, I’ll put up with it (well, for a while anyway).  He even shampooed the carpets and the seats yesterday — I think he’s a happy boy.  I still haven’t told my sister in Oregon that I bought a new car.  She will have a fit that I just didn’t decide to take the bus all the time.  No expenditure is ever a good idea in her eyes.

I’ve got some fabric ready to go to make a block for Gina, and then I will get going on my cat quilt for the MQX Pet Challenge.  I hope it comes out okay.  It should be pretty cute, but then again, things often look different in my mind’s eye.  It’s a good weekend for sewing and looking out the window.  It is absolutely gorgeous out — sunshine, very little wind — but it is COLD!  They said it would warm up today but, if it has, I sure haven’t detected it.  Have a great weekend all.


4 thoughts on “Cruisin’ and quilting

  1. I am so glad you are enjoying your new car, they are wonderful until you make a few payments (lol), guess that is why I save and pay cash for the darn things.
    I am sure your hair looks great, you look fabulous anyway, hair or no hair, I am about ready to get mine cut off,I am sick of tired of this mop..
    Jim and the girls are off to the park so I am enjoying the solitude and being a short order cook. One wants spaghetti and 2 want chicken, guess Grandpa will have left overs this week…. Love to you…

  2. Congratulations on the new car’s arrival!!! I am so tickled for you and eager to see it some day.

    I thought I already posted that but don’t see it here…..what the heck has happened to my mind and if you see if, will you send it back to me? (it may be so small as to not be seen with the naked eye……sigh)

  3. Just so there is no misunderstanding….my above comment about taking a ‘break from the car’ was meant as a tongue in cheek way of asking Linda to join in a blogging game of tag. Since she posted how she is spending a lot of time zipping around in her new car …. I had hoped she might just pull over & join us in blog land for a friendly game of tag. I was also tagged by Terri W & Christine O. I also hope she continues to write of her joys with her car. 🙂

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