The cool geezer-mobile

Well, I finally did it. I have been researching new cars for some time now. I desperately wanted a Honda Pilot, but I just didn’t want to deal with the mileage issues, so I decided to down-size a bit. I bought a Honda CR-V this afternoon. It is Green Tea Metallic and will be in around the end of the month. honda-cr-v.jpg

My current car is a 1994 Honda Civic. I love that little car, but it is a manual transmission and my ailments of late have made it very difficult for me to get around in a stick shift car. I’ve had a morton’s neuroma on my left (clutch) foot for the past several years. I had surgery on it, but it still gets very painful from time to time. Not pushing in that clutch all the time will give me some relief. Then, last Friday, my right arm decided to stop working. I got an intense pain in my deltoid, and by the end of the day, I could barely move my arm. I spent most of the weekend on the couch feeling sorry for myself. So, today, I had a CD that came due at the bank, so I took out a sufficient amount to put a down payment on the car, renewed the CD with the rest of the funds, and decided to go car shopping. I knew what I wanted — I’ve been on the internet (mainly for months. I went to the Costco car-buying site, filled out the info, and when they called, I headed over to look at the cars. I was sold from just about the first moment I sat in the seat. Well, as I said, I already knew what I wanted. We talked financing, I got a couple of options, brought the payment sheet home, called the insurance agent (it will only raise my rates by $60 — an advantage of being a geeze), and I will take the deposit check in tomorrow morning. I’m excited now. The seats fold down, so I can get rolls of batting in the back too!

My brother is buying my Civic — I gave him a good price, and he will give his older Prelude to his daughter, so it turns out to be a win/win situation for the whole family.


4 thoughts on “The cool geezer-mobile

  1. Linda: I have a 2001 Honda CR-V that we bought new. I love that vehicle! We bought a new car during the summer and I had wanted a Pilot too. After driving it though, we went with the Toyota Highlander. The Pilot seemed so much bigger and I preferred the feel of the Highlander. But, the Highlander sits in the garage. Since June, it has only 1,100 miles on it! I continue to drive the CR-V that I love. We passed the Honda dealership this weekend (not looking at cars but simply driving past) and I mentioned to Vince that if I were buying myself a vehicle today, I’d get another CR-V. I think you made a great choice!!

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