Must … Go … Shopping

A while ago, I got an email about this wonderful cruise on Carnival with a bunch of people from an on-line weight loss surgery group. The price was incredibly low and I had frequent flyer miles, so I decided I would go. I leave on the 30th. I did not, however, consider the expense of preparing for this trip. I have been heavy for so long that I had absolutely nothing that would look even remotely good on a cruise and, as some of you know, there are formal nights, etc., to be considered. I have spent quite a bundle in the past few weeks buying clothes. It does feel great to go into a store, pull something I like off the rack, take it into the dressing room, and it either fits or is too big. However, it really puts a dent in the budget. I did just get a raise, so that will help. Today I must shop for a nice pair of pumps and if possible, a simple black skirt. I have shorts and t-shirts, my Birks, Asics, Dansko clogs, black pants, two silk jackets, a formal dress and wrap, a couple of camisoles, and a blouse to wear. I think this will complete what I need except for (God forbid) pantyhose, etc. I don’t think I have worn a pair of panty hose in about 20 years. Well, off I go to see what I can find.

Hmm – I guess I saved this but forgot to publish it.  I am pooped!  I shopped till I dropped today.  Trying to find dress shoes in Eugene is very difficult.  We’re all about blue jeans and comfort.  I finally found a decent pair of dress shoes at Macy’s.  I was looking for black, smooth leather, not patent or suede, elegant and not gawdy.  Nearly impossible, but I found them.  I got a black skirt, a white camisole, panty hose (yipes), and I looked at a lot of things I did not buy.  My pedometer had 4,000 steps on it this morning from yesterday.  Now it’s up over 12,000.  I think I’ll put in a movie and veg on the couch.  Perhaps I’ll quilt tomorrow it the weather is bad.  I am planning on going to Portland, but if it’s icy, I won’t go.