A new day

Okay.  Enough of whining.  I slept in a bit today.  I was up late last night, doing nothing.  I’ve just made myself the most amazing cup of coffee — half n half, nicely frothed with a bit of sugar free amaretto syrup in it, an envelope of sugar free swiss miss, and good strong columbian coffee, freshly ground.  Then I’m going out for a walk.  When I get back, I will go out and prune the marionberries back while it’s not raining (wait, what is that yellow orb in the sky — burns us it does, my preciousssss), and then I will come in and color my hair.  Too many of those natural silver highlights showing up.  I have a plan, and I will do it.  Who knows, if I accomplish all of this, I may actually get my butt upstairs and quilt a bit.  It is getting close to the time I’ve promised a few customer quilts, so I should get mine finished and off the frame.  I have decided not to submit it to MQX this year.  I was stressing myself out.  So, there’s always next year.  I will most likely have a quilt in the pet fabric challenge and perhaps a garment.  Off I go.