Well, I had three weeks off from work.  Would that I could extend that time right into retirement.  But, no, I had to go to work this week.  Only four hours a day — I’ll probably extend that to six hours a day next week.  It is really difficult for me to sit for very long and, unfortunately, that is how I spend most of my day, seated in front of the computer.  I’ve been doing physical therapy and it is helping.  I’m getting stronger and I can actually feel muscles coming back where there was just flab and icky droopy skin (the awful part of losing weight).  I had hoped to get my whole cloth quilted for MQX, but I don’t think this will happen unless a miracle occurs in the next 12-24 hours.  I have it loaded, and I’ve started quilting it, but my back won’t let me stay at it for long.  I don’t want to force the issue and hurt myself, so I guess I’ll enter it in MQX next year (if it comes out well).

My retirement count down clock says I have 599 days left.  I really feel like I’m not going to make it.  One of the hazards of having the same job for about 20 years is that it gets boring, drab, annoying, and very hard to get up and go to every day.  I should have moved on years ago.  Now I just need to try and hang on — 599 more days.


4 thoughts on “Argh

  1. Hang in there Linda. 599 days is less than 2 years. I hope you make it. Glad your back is doing better but don’t over do. As much as you want to get your wholecloth done, it’s not worth hurting your back.

  2. It is hard to go back to the “real job” – I know that feeling! I am anxious to see your new whole cloth and know it will be beautiful. Keep up the work on “getting healthy” – you are an inspiration!

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