While I lie around waiting to recover from my back surgery, I’m waiting for word on how my friend Ronda has done with her shoulder surgery today.  I do have word that she’s in the recovery room and her husband will call me later when they get home to let me know how she’s doing.  It’s never fun to know a friend is in pain, but I am hoping this procedure will bring an end to the suffering she has had to endure.

I’m trying to be a good kid with my recovery, but at the same time I would like my time off from work to be somewhat productive.  I had drawn out a new whole cloth at a quilting retreat in October and had hoped to quilt it for MQX.  When I got it out to load it on my machine before surgery, I decided that the scale was too big and the design had become clunky and odd looking in the size I enlarged it to.  I had a smaller rendition of the motif, so I now have a piece of sateen taped to my kitchen table with the design under it.  When I get up to get something to eat or a glass of water, etc., I stop by the table and do a little tracing with water soluble pen.  I don’t dare spend long periods of time doing this, as I know it is not good for my back, but I think that at the rate I’ve been doing it, I may be able to load this quilt during the weekend and perhaps I can finish the quilting for the MQX deadline.  I won’t push myself if my body isn’t comfortable with it, but I think it may be do-able.

I’m really looking forward to 2008.  It has to be a much better year than 2007 was.  I realize it is up to me to make it that way.  Wishing you all a great year too.

7 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Also glad you are doing so much better, but take it easy. You deserve the best 2008! Thanks for the news on Ronda – she also deserves a magnificent 2008.

  2. Awww shucks, you are sooo sweet, thank you, you take it easy, we both need to start out 2008 is better health.. Love ya to pieces

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