What’s that smell?

If your senses are being assaulted by patchouli oil and BO, you are no doubt in Eugene, OR. And, at this time of the year, you’d most likely be at the Holiday Market at the Fairgrounds, which is where I found myself today. We have a wonderful outdoor Saturday Market from the first weekend in April till the end of October (where there is another hippie smell added to the patchouli and BO) and then it is continued indoors when the cold and the rain sets in. I went today in search of a few last minute gifts. There are some wonderful things there, pottery, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, bath products, hemp products, and plenty of tie dye and long-haired (now very gray) hippies. I did manage to pick up a few things, then left to come home as my back was beginning to get sore. I’ve spent the day tidying (is that a word) up the house. My niece came by and did the dishes, vacuumed and washed the kitchen floor for me (boy did it need it), so things are beginning to look better around here. Of course, my two main helpers decided to take their lunch break for almost the entire day. my-boys.jpg

I’m so glad I got the ornaments on the tree. It makes everything much more festive around here. I haven’t had a big tree up for almost three years, I think. Mine has almost all purple ornaments on it. Purple having been, at one time, my favorite color. I still like it quite a bit. Even most of the packages under the tree are purple.my-tree.jpg

We’ll have Christmas here tomorrow (Monday) afternoon (oops, make that THIS afternoon — how did it get to be past midnight again!).  As my brother will have to spend Christmas day at his in-laws.  It will be nice to have everyone here.  I made a smoked salmon mousse earlier this evening and, unfortunately, I think I burned up the motor in my Braun stick blender.  I may have to take one of these 20% off coupons and head to BB&B to get another.  I really liked that thing, but it sure didn’t last very long.  Maybe I’ll investigate other types first.

I suppose I should be off to bed.  I just seem to find all sorts of things to do late at night!

5 thoughts on “What’s that smell?

  1. Linda, those workers look pretty comfortable. 😉

    The tree is lovely and the purple ornaments are stunning.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Oh my how true is that!!!!! Now you forgot to add the chains around their arms and legs so they can chain themselves to anything THEY believe to be bad for the environment, then you know for sure you are in Eugene (lol), yes sad but true.

    Glad to see you are feeling better, here’s to a great 2008.. Love ya

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