Surgery is Monday

I will be having a microdiscectomy and foraminotomy on Monday.  This is actually good news, as it is the least invasive surgery we can do.  Hopefully, it will rid me of the pain going down my legs.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to have a fusion some time next year.  I am praying this will work.  The really good news is that I should be able to get up and walk around even the day after surgery — so perhaps I can stand to do some quilting. Not right away, but maybe a few days afterwards.  If this works out, I might be able to get my whole cloth done for MQX!!  I’ll be at home for three weeks.  Can’t lift more than a half-gallon of milk and can’t sit for more than 30-40 minutes at a time.  I’m so grateful to escape the screws and pins, etc.  They will just make a small incision, insert a tube into my back, and liquify the disc and suck it out.  I hope it takes this horrible burning pain away.


14 thoughts on “Surgery is Monday

  1. I am soooo glad, that is what was done on my cervical spine last December, it did take awhile for the nerve to heal but I was up and moving several hours after surgery.. I will call you later.. Hugs and I am glad to see you will be getting some relief! Love to You

  2. Well, it was fairly good news and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Maybe it will work and you won’t ever have ot have the spinal fusion.

  3. Oh, Linda, I so hope that works for you and you’re back up to good as new in no time at all. Please don’t overdo anything and take real good care of yourself. I’ll be thinking of you on Monday and will wait patiently til someone sends us a report on how you’re doing. Good luck, my friend!

  4. I hope all goes well for you! It is about time you got some relief! I’ll be thinking of you.
    Take care…love and hugs!

  5. Linda, I’m hoping that this will end your pain and allow you to get back to enjoying those things that you love to do. I’ll be thinking of you on Monday and hope you’ll feel good enough to let us know how you are doing on Tuesday.

  6. Ah, Linda, I’m praying this proceedure works as advertised and you’ll be done with it once & for all. Both you and Ronda have been on my mind as I limp around nursing a bit knee that’s three times its normal size (had to break up a dogfight & got hit in the crossfire). Hurts like hell but it’ll be all better in a few days, while you two have been dealing with ongoing pain for so long. I just wish there was a magic pill for you both.

    Please let us know how it went as soon as you’re up to it.

  7. Linda……….you have been on my mind. I hope the surgery went just as the surgeon expected (no surprises) and that you’ll awaken this morning feeling much better and with minimal pain. I hope you’ll feel like writing an update this morning so we’ll know how you are feeling.

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