Well, tomorrow morning I find out if I’m having surgery (pretty sure that’s a given) and how long I will be laid up.  I have a million things to do, both at work and at home.  Do I feel like doing any of them?  NO!  I don’t know why I get like this.  Maybe I just feel too overwhelmed and like it’s impossible to accomplish it all, so I do nothing instead.  I procrastinated all day at work today.  I did manage to get a couple of bills paid, but I have a whole bunch of reimbursements to do.  I’d best buckle down tomorrow.  I did come home, make dinner and then go upstairs to quilt.  I made some good progress on the bunnies.  Hopefully, I can finish it early in the weekend and get it shipped out.  My customer wants to have it for a quilt gathering she’s going to on the 21st.  I think that shouldn’t be a problem, but I have to mail it to Georgia.    I’ve really enjoyed using the US Postal Service’s Click n Ship service.  I weigh the packages here, enter the info on line, pay with my debit card, print the label and postage, and call them to come and pick it up!  You just can’t beat that with a stick.  Sure beats standing in those long lines at the Post Office.

I’ll try to get a post up tomorrow to let you all know about the surgery.  I’ve done lots of research on line, so I’m fairly certain I know the options.  I’ll see what the expert says!


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