Wooo Doggies!

Well, we are having quite the weather here in Oregon.  It is pouring buckets of rain and the wind is a-howling.  I love weather like this.  Of course, I’d love it more if I had a fireplace, and could stay inside with a good book and a nice snifter of brandy.  😉  So, I’m here at work, hooked up to my tens unit, to keep the sciatica pain at bay.  I finished the Sun Bonnet Sue quilt last night and now have to finish the Baltimore Bunnies, then it’s time for ME!  I have a wonderful whole cloth all drawn out and am hoping that I have some time to get the basics of it down before I head off to the Cape for Christmas.  Then I can work on the background fill when I get back and maybe, just maybe, have enough of it done to submit it for MQX.  I am going to have to work very hard though.  As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked!


4 thoughts on “Wooo Doggies!

  1. Linda, I love stormy weather, too! As long as I have nowhere to go and I’m warm and fed! LOL!

    I hope the sciatica pain goes away soon. Centuries ago, when I was young, I used to have flare ups of that stuff from running too much. (Are you marathoning now, too? LOL!)

    Take care and stay warm and dry!

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon . . . I just enjoyed your request for “whirled peas” – still smiling. Have a great weekend!

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