A setback

I don’t know what happened.  My back started hurting on Monday afternoon.  Then the pain started down my leg.  I didn’t sleep much Monday night because of the pain and I don’t think I slept at all last night.   I went to physical therapy this afternoon and Michael tried to pull my leg off.  It did help the pain for a while, but it’s back now.  I’m lying on the couch with the laptop on a pillow on my stomach and I have an ice pack on my back.  I took a flexeril and will probably be taking a pain killer here shortly.  I cannot bear this!  It is just too painful.  😦  I have to get 2.5 quilts done before I can even think about putting my whole cloth on the table.  I guess there will be no 2008 show quilt for me.  I am so bummed.  I just hope I can get the customer quilts back to them before they get too ticked off.

Well, off to la-la land.  I wish I could just get the pain to STOP!!

6 thoughts on “A setback

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that your back has flared up again. I wish I lived by so I could come over and help. I could horrify your customers with some of my lame novice quilting! LOL!

  2. Linda – how awful. Have you thought about consulting another doctor? Having had 5 back surgeries since 1987, I can feel for you. I also wish I could come help you out. I know it is a bummer about maybe not having a show quilt this year, but your health (and a healthy back) are your main concern right now. There are new procedures and surgery techniques coming out all the time, so a bit of research (which you probably already have done a lot of) might be in order. Hope you will be feeling better really soon!

  3. Linda, I am so sorry to read that you’re in a lot of pain again. I hope the meds help you to be able to sleep tonight and that you’ll feel better tomorrow.

  4. Well this just sucks, darn it anyway, wonder if we could get a discount if we do something about our issues together… I am so sad for you, take care and let me know if I can help.. Love to You….

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