Simple minds . . .

simple pleasures. I have been getting such a charge out of just watching the washing machine! How pathetic, right? šŸ˜‰ It’s amazing how this thing can use so little water and still do such a good job on cleaning the clothes. I did three loads of laundry last night and it was actually fun. The washer spins so much water out of the clothes that they are nearly dry before you even put them in the dryer. This will be really good for my utility bills.

I’ll be quilting till I wilt this weekend. I need to get the Baltimore Bunny done, a cross-stitched SBS, and an applique’d heart quilt that she just wants a panto on. I need to clear the decks so I can work on my show quilt. This may not happen, but we’ll see how it goes. We’ll get to leave work a little early today, but I still have my appointment for PT with Igor at 3:30, so that will put a hole in my day.

Well, better get some work done. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

3 thoughts on “Simple minds . . .

  1. Too funny! We always love our new toys. Remember when microwaves first came out and we sat in from of them watching the food explode?
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend. I’m planning a whole to lot of sewing myself!

  2. I love new things, hate laundry even with a new washer and dryer…
    Take it easy and enjoy your weekend.. Sending T-day hugs.. Love to ya

  3. Linda, I’m right there with you on getting excited and joy from new appliances. I love that these new machines sit up higher from the ground (making loading/unloading a bit easier on the back) and look forward (in a way) to the day that I *need* a new set. Mine are about 12 years old….Maytags, so it will be awhile…..which is good…..which is bad…….LOL.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful to have your friendship in my life.

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