Getting ready

Well, today should have been a big day of quilting, but it wasn’t. I spent most of the day cleaning out the laundry room. My new washer and dryer new-wd.jpgwill be here on Tuesday, so I cleared everything else out of the laundry room except the old washer and dryer. Oh and the freezer. Hopefully, the delivery guys will be able to get the old set out and the new ones in without much trouble.

I also went to Costco today and bought a new Christmas Tree. It’s 7.5′ tall and is pre-lit. I swear the worst part of putting up the tree is dealing with the dang lights! Problem solved. I may actually put the tree up tonight (without ornaments) and leave it that way for about a week. We haven’t had a Christmas tree in the house for a couple of years and I’m not about to put my expensive ornaments on there until I’m sure the kitties aren’t going to climb the limbs and knock it over. Hopefully, all will be well. I’ll be gone for the week of Christmas, but my pet sitter will still be able to enjoy the tree and I’ll get to dig it for the part of the holiday season that I AM here.

So, all in all, I’m pretty tired. Wrastling a 75 pound 4.5′ long box into a small Honda Civic and then cleaning the laundry room was no picnic. I do tend to get pooped out awfully easily these days. The doc says that my blood work is fine, so I guess this is just my normal state of being now. It will be an early night.