Running on empty

Well, this past weekend was when I was supposed to catch up on everything.  I need to clean out the laundry room for the new washer and dryer.  I needed to mow the lawn and get the leaves up.  I need to finish several more quilts before I can feel comfortable.  So, what did I do?  I slept!  I would go in my room to get something, lie down for a minute to pet Vince, and I would be out.  I finally went today to see my doc and had some blood drawn.  I’m not sure what it is,  but perhaps because of my weight loss surgery, I’m not absorbing enough nutrients.  If the blood work is fine, my doc says that it may be that I no longer need my anti-depressant.  It could be the very thing that is making me so sleepy.  So, we’ll wait and see what the tests say.

I did manage to finish the dresden plate and then I did the two-sided T-shirt quilt. Although it is probably the nicest T-shirt quilt I have ever seen, it didn’t really come out as I would have liked it to.  I made a bad choice of thread for the back.  The quilt is mainly black and the customer wanted clear thread on the top.  That looked fine, but I didn’t quite know that to use on the back.  I chose grey, as I thought it wouldn’t stand out too badly against the black and would still blend in with the shirts.  Unfortunately, it really stands out against the black.  Oh well!  It’s done, so too late now.  I think I also chose it just in case I had slight pokies showing through the top, but fortunately, I had great thread tension on this so I could have used any thread I wanted and it wouldn’t have showed through the top at all.  I’ll give it back tomorrow and then I won’t have to look at it any more.

Well, I’m beat, so off to bed I go.

1 thought on “Running on empty

  1. Linda, rotten on the gray thread showing more than you’d like on the black.

    I do hope the doctor can pin-point what is going on so you can begin feeling perky, awake and energetic once again.

    Maybe your body is just exhausted from burning up those flab cells, you skinny mini! 😀

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