What a difference a day (and some sleep) makes!

Well, after my gnarly, snarly day yesterday, I’m feeling so much better today.  I find that when I get really whiny (you mean it gets WORSE than normal? ) 😉 , it means that I am either getting really sick or am overly tired.  I believe yesterday’s fiasco was because of the latter.  I ended up staying home and sleeping for most of the day.  Something for which Vince, my wonderful feline companion, My buddy Vincewill be forever grateful.  There’s nothing better than snuggling against mom when she’s sleeping!

So, what’s doing for today?  I got up and made a delicious cup of coffee, and was browsing the web, when I saw a picture of a quilt on the APQS site that looks an awful lot like the one my sister made for our latest currency challenge.  I’m figuring someone saw my sister’s quilt and decided to copy it.  I called her to tell her about it, and she mentioned that there happens to be a sale going on at the Crow, and did I want to meet her there?  The Crow is “Something to Crow About,” a really neat quilt shop in our area.  It specializes in Thimbleberries and Moda and lots of primitive or folk art-type things.  Oh yea, nothing better than fabric shopping.  So I headed over there, with a picture of the offending quilt in hand.  Poor Ginny looked a little upset when I showed it to her — she spent about a week drafting the pattern for her quilt — but then I told her that I liked hers so much more and thought this was a poor imitation.  I think she felt a bit better, but, after all, she doesn’t have a copyright on hers — never dreaming someone would copy it.  So I shopped.  I bought some fabrics to whip out some Christmas Stockings (in my spare time!), on my serger.  I found a pattern for them that looks fast, easy, and oh so clever to do.  So now I just have to finish quilts and find a weekend to get the stockings done.  I also got some Civil War repro background fabrics for my Dear Jane, which I’m making in my other spare time, and then I have to wash the sateen that came in the mail two days ago for my whole cloth which I will do in my remaining spare time.  Dang that University job — I have no time for it!

Now I’m home, have new fabric in the washing machine (still waiting for my new machines), dinner in the crockpot, water in the kettle for my pot of Pleine Lune tea, and Vince is already at the top of the stairs in the studio bellerin’ for me to get my sorry carcass up there!  Oh yes, my back is killing me, but today it doesn’t matter.  I feel so much better and will just have Mr. Shiatsu deal with it later on!

2 thoughts on “What a difference a day (and some sleep) makes!

  1. No wonder you are in love with Mr Vince, he is adorable……. Glad to hear you are having a better day today, some days are just like that, maybe an internal cleansing, glad you were able to sleep, you body and mind must have needed it…..

    I love Kenette’s shop Something to Crow about also, she is a very nice person, wish i could have spent more time with her at camp, those 3 days go by so quickly…..

    I am also upset about your sisters quilt but I guess she should stand proud that her quilt is so fabulous that some one would want to pay a tribute to her work of art, I hope she gets her just credit……

    Take care, great chatting today, you always make me feel normal and somewhat healthy (lol)…. Love to you and Vince….

  2. Linda, I am no expert, but I think that as soon as you create something original, you automatically have a copyright on it. You do not need to do anything at all (like registering it) to protect your rights. An exact copy of your sisters quilt is a no-no, unless that person has permission.

    Where do you think it was seen? In a show? Posted on her blog or a guild website? Not that it matters, I still think that it’s protected, if she wants to persue it.

    Glad you were able to do some retail therapy!!

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