Sew disappointed

I took today off to sew, which I will do, but I wanted to do it with my small quilting group, the Getaway Girls.  They have use of one of the churches’ community centers, and it’s not far from my house.  So, I got up, got dressed, packed a lunch, and headed upstairs to put my sewing machine into the new expensive Tutto bag I bought at Innovations.  It WON’T FIT!!  Oh ya, it will go in there if you take the outer case off the machine, but that is where you store the foot pedal, the sewing table, the cords, the gadget box, etc.  When you take that off and put the machine in by itself, where do you put the things that make it run?  I am SO PI$$ED OFF!  There is no way I can carry a heavy Bernina down the sidewalk to the church building.  So, I will make my pot of tea and stay home by myself to sew.  AND, what do I do with this expensive Tutto bag that doesn’t fit my machine?  ARGH!  I am furious.  I waited so long to buy one of these and now I have the wrong one.  Well – I guess it’s good I’m staying home now because I’m so angry that I’m not fit company for man nor beast.  I asked the gal at the Tutto booth and she looked it up and assured me this was the bag for my machine.  Do people really tote their machines off without the things that make them run?

I think I’d better get out my shiatsu pillow and have a bit of a massage.  I am definitely not in a good mood now.


3 thoughts on “Sew disappointed

  1. Dadgummit, Linda! I’m so sorry that you can’t use that bag! I’ve wanted one forever, but I just can’t let go of the money. Now I’m glad that I haven’t. I’d be fit to be tied too! They seem to be at every quilt show, so maybe you can catch them and get the tote exchanged. In spite of it all, I hope you enjoyed a day to yourself.

  2. Hey, I’d contact them and tell them the whole story and maybe they’ll exchange it for you if there’s a larger one. Surely people don’t haul them around without all the “stuff”.

  3. Linda, I have one of these and I love it, I do have to remove the heavy lid of the sewing machine and have found that the removable table, foot and cords fit neatly inside the Tutto Bag on wheels, along with my rulers and sewing kit……. I think the whole point of the bag is so you do not need the heavy Bernina cover, try it, I think you will be pleased. Besides you just need to find a place to put the lid when you get to your final destination!

    I have actually set my heavy Bernina aside and am using my cute little Janome DC 3018for travel and I have replaced the Janome 10001 into my Koala sewing table in my sewing room, might have to sell my Bernina or donate it to an African School my local Quilt Shop supports…..

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