It’s DONE!

This poor quilt has been kicking my butt for a couple of months now. Yes, I hurt my back, and yes, I had surgery (not related to the bad back), but it should have been done long ago. It is not a lovely quilt, and it was full of problems, but it had that old-time feel to it and I wanted to do a nice job. I had to add padding to the C- and D-cups, as it was very droopy. Need padding!

I decided against quilting the sashing, as it was so ripply, I figured I’d just create a whole sea of puckers. I finally finished it this evening. Definitely not my finest quilting job, but I feel good that I made it look as good as I could and it’s fairly flat with very few puckers. Finished

Finished with better lighting

The middle of the blocks have little freehand feathered wreaths in them. They are all different sizes and shapes — not all the middles were exactly circular. I did mark the center spine with steam-out white pen, so it looks really thready, as I haven’t steamed yet. block with feathered wreath

I can’t wait to put this sucker in the box and send it back. I just hope my friend in Kentucky likes it!!

And now that you’ve looked at the pictures, you’ve discovered my awful secret.  I generally quilt fancy, because I can’t stipple worth a darn.  My brain just can’t figure out which way to go!  😉


9 thoughts on “It’s DONE!

  1. What’s not to like??? It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Now you just stop being so hard on yourself and give yourself some much deserved applause!

    Christine 🙂

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