The magic of complaining

It seems that I complain a lot.  Well, I know, I DO!  However, it seems that there is always a little magic involved in complaining.  Generally, when I complain about something, it goes away.  I have been having trouble eating every since I got back from my quilting retreat.  I finally started complaining about it yesterday, and now it seems it is easier to eat.  Go figure!  I don’t know what it is.  Anyway, I managed to eat almost a cup of very thick soup I made at lunchtime, and then managed a small low-carb tortilla pizza for dinner.  No horrible pressure from the stomach telling me that there is no room!  If this keeps up, I may actually get a decent amount of food in me today.  Not that I’m worried about starving to death, but I tend to feel really tired when I don’t eat enough.  I’m trying to clean the house.  My nephew and his wife are coming this weekend and I’m really not prepared.

I also need to get some quick drawings done for my Baltimore Bunnies customer, so I can see what she would prefer for the quilting.  She likes echo, but I think, because of the intricacy of the applique’, echo might end up looking like a big blob of nothing on this.  We’ll see.

Oh!  I just realized that I need to select my MQX classes tonight so I can get my registration in the mail.  Oh what a busy and fulfilled life I lead.  I don’t know how you ordinary folks stand it.  😉

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