Well, at least it’s not Monday anymore!

I left work early yesterday to get my allergy shot and then get my teeth cleaned.  It turned out the dentist had a death in the family and high-tailed it out of there right before I arrived.  They didn’t want to clean my teeth without him — all he does is come in and inspect the work after the hygenist is done — but I didn’t want to say we didn’t need him after he had just suffered a sadness.  So, I went and got gas in the car (nearly $3/gallon), bought some cat food, and then whipped into Costco for some stew beef.  I had a hankering for some soup!  I got the beef and also picked up some new pajama bottoms.  My current ones usually fall down on my way to the bathroom at night, so it was time.  I did check that it said Ladies pajama pants, and they were two pair for I think $11.  I got them home and took them out of the package, and the size large looked as though it was made for kids!!  I was so ticked that I would have to return them.  Then I thought — well, I might as well see how tight they are.  They fit!  With room to spare.  I guess I just can’t see how far I’ve shrunk yet.  I quilted a bunch more on the wonky dresdens last night and went to bed at a decent hour, but couldn’t really sleep.

Today was a busy, but accomplish nothing day at work.  I finally got approval to take the promotion and tenure files to the Dean’s Office.  I loaded them up on the dolly and hauled them over there.  I got back and paid a few bills, then had to try to install the network printer drivers on a faculty member’s new computer.  Well, even though I supplied the dang thing with the IP address, after setting up the TCP/IP port, it still couldn’t find the printer, so I got the disk and tried to load it from there.  It would not find the correct printer driver, so even though I could make the connection to the printer (our copier), I couldn’t get the device status so it would form the tray assignment and allow for two-sided printing, stapling, three-hole punching, etc.  It would allow a generic driver for the machine, but not the specific one I have on my computer.  I tried finding the driver on the internet and downloading it, but that didn’t work either.  I finally gave up and called the technician at about 4:00.  He should be over in the morning.  I have installed these drivers on every machine in the department.  I have no idea why it won’t work now.  Geez.  I’ll probably wake up at 3:00 a.m. and realize what I did wrong.  I hate it when a computer thinks it’s smarter than me!!

I got home and cleaned the kitchen (big job) and cut up all the stew meat, froze half of it, and started my beef soup.  I made beef, tomato, green bean, barley, and corn soup.   Not really thrilling, but it tastes good to me.  It seems that about the only things I can manage to eat these days are soup and cottage cheese with fruit.  I think I may be developing a stricture in my new stomach.  That means that the opening into or out of the stomach has begun to narrow, and when I eat anything with substance to it, it becomes really painful.  I have to eat very slowly, chew very well, and have more liquidy things to eat.  If it doesn’t loosen up, I may have to go have it stretched out.  They do the upper endoscopy and put a tool down there to stretch things.  I really don’t want to have it done, but I’m not eating much lately.  I managed 645 calories today.  I can’t put another thing in there — had to have some skim milk to get my protein up.  I won’t let this go too long if it doesn’t get better.  I just don’t want to have to go to the doctor again.

Well, I hear my pillow calling my name.

2 thoughts on “Well, at least it’s not Monday anymore!

  1. Dang, I hope your stomach starts to treat you better, how is your back and legs???? Been thinking about you….. Have a Happy Halloween… Hugs~

  2. Linda, the stricture (and remedy) sounds like a bad deal…I hope you’ll find out it is just some other easy to remedy thing and will feel better soon.

    Congratulations on those tiny pajama pants!! 😀 You are doing wonderfully and I’m very happy for you.

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